Come and get to know the Finnish countryside, clean nature, lakes and forests! At the same time, you can meet Finnish people and find out about life in the countryside. You can experience something new every day. Visit SAVO quides you in adventures in the Finnish lakelands. 6-7 days tours offer experience and opportunity learn something new each day.

Kuopio and the province of North Savo is the first region in Finland to receive the European Region of Gastronomy Award

European Region of Gastronomy status can be compared to the better known City of Culture title, the difference being that besides developing a broad range of culture, the Award promotes events, agriculture, training and entrepreneurship around the theme of gastronomy and food. Kuopio and the province of North Savo European Region of Gastronomy status is being celebrated in 2020-2021.

The central theme of this year's programme is foraging – living according to nature's rhythm. Finland's pure nature, midnight sun, high-quality natural ingredients and everyone's right to roam and pick berries, mushrooms and wild herbs are part of our everyday lives and something we want to share with tourists. We have put together content that combines nature, activities, good food and accommodation.

Our partners have collaborated to produce a programme for 2020-2021, including food events, rural markets, events combining food and culture, pop-up restaurants in interesting settings, excursions and cultural heritage. Our partner restaurants use ingredients from local producers and adapt Finnish culinary traditions to the present with professional skill. Program.

HAPPINESS COMES IN WAVES. Perfectly natural.

MOMENTS YOU WISH WOULD LAST FOREVER. AND MEMORIES THAT WILL. In the heart of Finland’s lake district awaits a region of unimaginable adventures, of indescribable beauty and unforgettable experiences. Kuopio-Tahko is a land of contrast. From silent landscapes to buzzing restaurants. From well-slept nights to nights where you forget to sleep at all. From nights under the stars to nights in the comfiest hotels. When you visit Kuopio-Tahko the unknown is where the best memories begin.



  • Fishing & Lakes

    What do you do if a three-kilo salmon takes the bait? Go fishing with local professional fishermen.

  • Creative & Relaxation

    Do you know how to make herbal soap or a sauna whisk? Come to the forest hike and learn about its offerings.

  • Hiking & Scenery

    Set out to discover the secrets that the Finnish nature has to offer. Breathtakingly beautiful forest and lake sceneries are guaranteed.

Local & Pure Flavours

Satoa - Cultural Food Festival

SATOA – Cultural Food Festival SATOA (the Finnish for ‘Harvest’) – Kuopio Food Festival is a street food event in the beautiful Kuopio city centre, where customers can buy small dishes (approximate price 3–6 euros per portion). SATOA Kuopio Food Festival celebrates the traditional harvest season and local tastes.

Our Savo

  • Relaxation

    Finnish "hygge"

  • Food & Drink

    Local tastes

  • Flora & Fauna

    Wild life

  • Culture

    Northern Savonia