Genuine / Natural Experiences!

Relax, meet Finns and enjoy nature!

Come and get to know the Finnish countryside and its clean nature, lakes and forests! You also get to meet Finnish people and find out about life in the countryside. The weekly programme contains activities for each day, so you can always experience and learn something new. All this provides genuine experiences!

Program: Creative & Relaxation

  • Day 1 Arrival at Kuopio Airport, bus transport to the accomodations
  • Day 2 Sauna soap with herbs
  • Day 3 Trip to ceramics studio
  • Day 4 Nature hike and a herbal sauna
  • Day 5 Trip to Kuopio
  • Day 6 Village festival or party
  • Day 7 Time to say bye-bye!
  • Day 2
    Sauna soap with herbs > 3,5 h

    Do you know how soap is made? In the soap workshop, we will make a paste to which everyone can add their preferred herbs. In addition to birch, you can add oat bran to the soap to really pamper your skin. Everyone will get to take home several unique and beautifully packaged soaps.

  • Day 3
    Trip to ceramics studio > 7 h

    At Jenni Linnove’s ceramics studio, we will each get to paint a mug, which will then be glazed and fired in a kiln. In Jenni’s ceramics, angels are flying and peace is palpably present. During the studio day, you can also purchase souvenirs at a shop that features a range of products created by local craftspeople.

  • Day 4
    Nature hike and a herbal sauna > 5 h

    On the forest hike, we get to listen to the sounds of the forest and learn about its offerings. Depending on the season, we’ll collect materials for a sauna whisk, wild herbs, mushrooms or berries in the forest. Just sitting on a hummock is enough to calm and clear your mind. After the hike, we’ll heat up the sauna. To Finns, the sauna has long been a sacred place, and the closest you can get to this feeling is in a traditional smoke sauna. While sitting in the sauna, listen to the spirit of the steam and yourself as well: how am I doing today?

  • Day 5
    Trip to Kuopio > 8 h

    On this day, we will take a trip to the lovely city of Kuopio. You should begin the city tour at the Puijo tower and enjoy the view of the shimmering Lake Kallavesi and its islands. Kuopio has beautiful parks and a unique network of “rännikatu” (lit. rain gutter street) pedestrian and cycle streets. The city has numerous small esteemed restaurants, and, of course, you can also take a stroll around the city along the shores. Our local guide will give you the hot tips of the day.

  • Day 6
    Village festival or party > 5 h

    At the end of our time together, we will celebrate the week in the form of a village festival or other memorable event. For more detailed information about the activities and weekend events, visit the website.

Both countryside accommodation facilities are located by a lake

Haapaniemi Travel

Haapaniemi Travel has several different accommodation buildings and a large traditional smoke sauna by Lake Haapajärvi.

Sininen Helmi Oy

Blue Pearl is a beautiful and genuine old countryside house. An idyllic high-quality hotel has been built in the yard of the house. The hotel windows offer a beautiful view to the peninsulas and islands of Lake Kiurujärvi.

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