Genuine / Natural Experiences!

Relax, meet Finns and enjoy nature!

Come and get to know the Finnish countryside and its clean nature, lakes and forests! You also get to meet Finnish people and find out about life in the countryside. The weekly programme contains activities for each day, so you can always experience and learn something new. All this provides genuine experiences!

Program: Fishing & Lakes

  • Day 1 Arrival at Kuopio Airport, bus transport to the accomodation
  • Day 2 Fishing trip to a lake
  • Day 3 Trip to a bird lake / observation tower
  • Day 4 Fishing in Lohimaa, fish handling and smoking
  • Day 5 Wild nature and food
  • Day 6 Village festival or party
  • Day 7 Time to say bye-bye!
  • Day 2
    Fishing trip to a lake > 5 h

    For lake fishing, a bit of luck is required along the way. We’ll go fishing in a motorboat or row to the destination with local fishermen, making the most of the fishermen’s expertise and baiting tools. What shall the spirit of the lake grant us today? We will go to the shore to enjoy lunch. Finally, our professional fishermen will teach you how to gut the fish.

  • Day 3
    Trip to a bird lake / observation tower > 5 h

    Trip to a bird lake
    We will take a trip to a nearby mire area, where you can walk along boardwalks to a bird tower, from where you can watch the birds. You will be accompanied by a guide who will be able to tell you all about the birds nesting in the area, their behaviour, migratory birds and rare birds. We will do something fun and personal at the lean-to. The walking distance is roughly 2 km.

    Cycling trip to an observation tower
    We will pack our picnic lunches in saddlebags and enjoy a cycling trip to a nearby observation tower. The observation tower is a good place to admire the magnificent view of the lake. We will do something fun and personal at the lean-to. The length of the cycling trip is roughly 12 km.

  • Day 4
    Fishing in Lohimaa, fish handling and smoking > 5 h

    What do you do if a three-kilo salmon takes the bait? This is very exciting, as the salmon will fight back when pulled up onto dry land. A master in fish handling will assist you in gutting and handling the salmon. A meal to top off the day once again: would you like your salmon smoked or cooked over an open fire?

  • Day 5
    Wild nature and food > 6 h

    We will take a trip to a wild vegetable farm in Ainola. We will collect wild vegetables, herbs and flowers from the yard and nearby forests and use them to cook a meal together. For Soile, Mother Earth is the best co-worker, and she will tell us about this cooperation while guiding us into meditation. The day will culminate in a shared meal, which will fully nourish not just your stomach but also your mind and soul.

  • Day 6
    Village festival or party >

    At the end of our time together, we will celebrate the week in the form of a village festival or other memorable event. For more detailed information on the activities and weekend events, visit the website. Participation in the SATOA Food Festival includes a 1 or 2-day overnight stay at a hotel in the centre of Kuopio.

Both countryside accommodation facilities are located by a lake

Lohimaa Fish and Travel Oy

Lohimaa provides accommodation at the new Taimenvirta Hotel. The hotel is located next to the swiftly flowing and beautiful Äyskoski rapids. There are three different types of saunas in Lohimaa, providing guests with a fantastic opportunity to acquaint themselves with different sauna experiences. The distance from Lohimaa to the Tervo village centre is 7.5 km.

Lossisaari Tourist Resort

In Lossisaari, accommodation is provided in the form of cabins that accommodate 2–4 people, located on the shore of a beautiful island. This is the closest you can get to the atmosphere of the films of Aki Kaurismäki, as the island’s service station is a meeting place for all of the area’s locals, serving breakfast and lunch. From the island it is around two kilometres to the village of Keitele.

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Trip to the Jokinotko organic farm

Soile’s nature and water baptism

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