Genuine / Natural Experiences!

Relax, meet Finns and enjoy nature!

Come and get to know the Finnish countryside and its clean nature, lakes and forests! You also get to meet Finnish people and find out about life in the countryside. The weekly programme contains activities for each day, so you can always experience and learn something new. All this provides genuine experiences!

Program: Hiking & Scenery

  • Day 1 Arrival at Kuopio Airport, bus transport to the accomodation
  • Day 2 Hike for many senses in the National Park
  • Day 3 Day in Rautalampi
  • Day 4 Brisk hike in the National Park or a rowboat trip
  • Day 5 Wild nature and food
  • Day 6 Village festival or party
  • Day 7 Time to say bye-bye!

The package includes six nights and full service at the countryside accommodation location by a lake. There is a bathroom in every room. A local tour leader will be present throughout the entire trip. Transportation by bus. Sauna available every evening.

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  • Day 2
    Hike for many senses in the National Park > 4 h

    Southern Konnevesi National Park is Finland’s youngest national park. We’ll set out to discover the secrets that Finnish nature has to offer. Breathtakingly beautiful forest and lake sceneries are guaranteed, among other things. We’ll enjoy a meal around a campfire, surrounded by nature.

  • Day 3
    Day in Rautalampi > 5 h

    We’ll head on an expedition to the nearby Rautalampi village. The village’s traditional scenery with fields, peninsulas and hills is a sight in and of itself. The guided tour will take us to see the old church and at least one manor. Stories about local villagers open a door to the villagers’ life.

  • Day 4
    Brisk hike in the National Park or a rowboat trip > 5 h

    On this day, you can choose between two different activities. If you fell in love with the national park, we’ll head on a brisk hike of about 10 kilometres in the forest. The walking pace on this hike is faster than on the previous one, but still slower than running speed. After all, you must have time to take in the nature around you in the forest. As an alternative, we can try traditional Finnish rowboats or a church boat. We’ll have a packed lunch on site.

  • Day 5
    Wild nature and food > 6 h

    Soile Valta, the Lady of Ainola, will guide us to collect wild vegetables, herbs and flowers from the yard and nearby forests and use them to cook a meal together. Mother Earth is Soile’s best co-worker, and she will tell us about this co-operation while guiding us into meditation. The day will culminate in a shared meal, which will fully nourish not only your stomach, but your mind and soul as well.

  • Day 6
    Village festival or party > 5 h

    At the end of our time together, we will celebrate the week in the form of a village festival or other memorable event. For more detailed information about the activities and weekend events, visit the website.

The countryside accommodation facility is located by a lake

Törmälä Holiday and Course Centre

Törmälä is an old clergy house environment that pampers nature tourists and
campers at the entrance to the new Southern Konnevesi National Park.
The nearest village is Rautalampi, a place known for its countryside manors.

Additional Services

Accommodation at the simple fishing cottage next to Nationalpark Etelä-Konnevesi

Day at the strawberry farm

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